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Kristine Moon 3-15-2018 blog post graphic

Hello there wonderfuls,

I had another session at a studio, this time in New Jersey. I have been recording at another studio in North Carolina, but my producer lives in NJ and I was able to record with him helping create my vocals. It was a great experience and it felt so good. I am learning every time I record, as it is an interesting exercise. It involves the balance between feeling connected emotionally to the music as well as executing the technical needs for the recording. It reminds me of some acting classes I have taken, where you learn different methods to practice in order to create a performance that is natural and alive. I feel like I am getting used to it, but it is new and funny at times. My producer wanted me to insert “vocal fry” here and there, and it was just hilarious how much I was not able to do it…even though I love how Bjork does it. That night it was not coming out, but perhaps next time. Any vocal fry techniques y’all can share?

I was so exhausted by the end of the 2-hour session because it started at 8:30pm, and I had been flying solo with my three children for three days before then, my back hurt, and I had allergies. Luckily my hubster was able to be with the children that day, as I literally needed to recover during the whole day. I tried to clear the post-nasal drip-everything about my face-throat-voice…it was good by recording time. I was coughing as well, but not too bad. I am now researching many different ways to help with my allergies…singing has illuminated this need in my life. Please let me know if you all have magic sinus-de-blocking ways that I could employ!

It is a beautiful experience though, when you are working with people whose talent you respect and who are dedicated to making magic with you in a collaborative way. I hope that you all enjoy the end result! I will probably release the three songs separately, by summer 2018.
Peace and love,