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Hello everyone and thank you for coming to read this blog. I truly appreciate it.

This song was simply inspired by the breathtaking images I have seen of the southwestern U.S.A. The rusty red rocky landscape of the Grand Canyon, the ancient Joshua trees, and the “milky turquoise” of the Colorado River…these made me think of the themes of beauty in rough terrains, how to find love for yourself and others during the rugged parts of your life. The Colorado River seems like such a salve flowing through that dry part of the planet, and the color of its water heals. I hope to go there one day! Have you? What experiences can you share, about this area or any place, that offered a feeling of peace and wellness for you and your spirit, when you felt like you were inside a dark cave in your mind and life?

Thank you for your input – here are the lyrics for Turquoise. Enjoy!


Verse 1

Flailing around, stubbing toes

In crazy town, blue-black crows

Crusty view, no one knows

You hold my hand, in that cave we go


Your river cuts through, making waves

My curves are soothed, echoes in my cave

Milky turquoise caresses me

Diamonds in the dark, Joshua trees


Stay close to me…my thorns can creep

Your voice dives deep…strong hands can bleed

Verse 2

Climbing slow up the crags of my

Jagged soul, scratched up thighs

Cool aloe, you apply

No more burns in green skies

Repeat Refrain


Breathe lungs, aware…send my own flare

Blood-knuckles up that rock-face…I remember the way!

The way! The way! The way! The way! (2x)

The End, thank you!

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