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Kristine Moon

Creative Collaborations

Kristine Moon 9-16-2018 blog post graphic

I am learning that collaborating with others on creative projects can be a fragile thing.

As someone who has not been in the music industry world, I know I have a lot to learn. These past few years, as the muse has been visiting me, I have talked to many friends and colleagues in the business, and they have shared so many gems with me. I still am at the beginning of this journey, and so I am constantly wanting to absorb as much good advice as I can.

One big lesson I learned this past summer is that I am a type of person who likes to work with many different personalities. I like to feel my mind, reality, and psychic territories stretch to places where I would have never ventured myself. I don’t want to let go of the handlebars when my bike is going down a completely unknown path in a dark forest – to get to know ideas that I have never explored. I do like to even question what I think I know about myself, about how life works, or to merely visit another person’s perception of the human condition and how it plays out on their patch of the planet. I recently ventured into an unknown valley of words, exchanges, and collaborations from which I grew so much. I am grateful for all I gained from this collaboration and now that it is time to move on from it, I am more ready to stand in my own voice as a budding artist in this industry.

I look forward to learning more in the future, to creating more and more my musical style and truth, and to trust my own gut with what my spirit breathes out of my musical mouth. I hope the same for you all in whatever passion you pursue.


Kristine Moon