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Kristine Moon

Kristine Moon’s Kickstarter Campaign

Kristine Moon Kickstarter campaign launch
I am launching my first Kickstarter campaign! Finally, after years of building up a good amount of music projects and presence, as well as searching for the right time to reach out to folks, my producer and I decided that this month of May in 2024 was the best moment to start our crowdfunding campaign. I am thankful for all of the support I have received, from friends, family and colleagues, enabling me to put in the work needed to get this off the ground. From caregiving for my three children (all of whom I homeschool), volunteering to play acoustic versions of my songs, filming performances and the Kickstarter video in support of my advocacy efforts… I am deeply grateful to everyone’s willingness to help me. I need a Village, and will always need one.

The Kickstarter campaign I am running is providing another space where this Village can grow. The practice of asking people to support the arts through contributions has a long history, dating back to the 1700’s (according to Wikipedia). The more modern version of “crowdfunding” started in the late 1990’s when music bands began raising money online. I learned about it from my producer, Kevin McNoldy, who has a lot of experience with both record labels and crowdfunding. He says that the music industry has evolved away from the studio executive board room and towards the artists themselves going straight to the music fans to invest in their art. The golden example of this method lies with Amanda Palmer, a musician who, after working and failing with a record label, raised $1.2 million through her Kickstarter campaign. She has described how the record label told her how unsuccessful she was after their promotion of her music did not have the rate of return they had wanted. After she struck out on her own and asked all the supporters who she had connected with through her touring and personal fan interactions, she found true success. Her Village showed up for her, and continue to do so to this day.

The way Kickstarter campaigns work is firstly, by creating a page introducing your project to viewers and potential contributors. With an appealing video, a basic story of the artist’s journey to fundraising, and a list of rewards for different funding levels, the viewers can learn about how they can help achieve the artist’s vision. When a person chooses to donate a certain amount, the artist will deliver to them the reward that goes along with that monetary level. For example, for my campaign, if someone gives at the $500 level, I will not only give them an early digital download of the whole album before its public release, but also a signed CD, a personalized gratitude video addressing them, a Lavender Peace Set (a future blog will describe this gift), a Companion Booklet, an Album Launch invitation, and a customized Cover Song production made from their request! I have enjoyed using this platform because it allows me to deliver such packages of thanks, as well as invite friends, family, and colleagues to join me throughout the whole process of music production, becoming part of my creative family. I am continuously learning how to grow as an artist, and so I want to keep learning from others, as I believe we all have creative insights and tools to share with one another.

Together I hope we can create a beautiful album of New Age music! I appreciate any contribution you can offer towards this objective. Sharing the info of this project is just as important, because the more eyes we can get our project in front of, the better. I look forward to creating music that can accompany us all on our healing journeys, as I feel I am constantly healing from past and present wounds. Our world suffers so much right now, and I want to do my part to help with creating spaces and experiences to calm down and be nurtured. As a Mama Bear of a sweet transgender child, I will continue going out into the arena to fight for her rights…and so I need a place to regenerate my spirits, and a Village to uplift me when I’m feeling crushed. I hope to build that with this Kickstarter Campaign. With you. Thank you!