New Age Electro-Pop Singer-Songwriter

Kristine Moon is a New Age Electro-Pop singer-songwriter based out of Durham, North Carolina. As a multicultural musician, advocate and mother of three, she partners with the audience on a journey of compassion, healing and nurturing companionship through music. If you like Enya, Björk, and Aurora, you’ll feel right at home with Kristine’s songs.

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Lyric Videos

This is the lyric video for my first single “Lark” released in 2020. For more details on this song, visit my blog. Click here to listen on Spotify.

This is the lyric video for “Searching” which came out shortly after “Lark.” Visit my blog for full information on the song. Listen on Spotify here.

This lyric video is for the song “Turquoise” and this has the most pop-sound of my songs. I write about it in my blog. You can listen here on Spotify.

Here is the lyric video for “Numbered” which is based on a novel I love. I will be writing a blog about the song, and uploading it to Spotify very soon!