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The Songbird Supper Club, March 2023

The Songbird Supper Club

One day in the fall of 2022, I searched #musicianmoms on Instagram, and I found Cashavelly Morrison.

Firstly, I was looking for other women who were like me. Other women who could relate to the longing to create meaningful music. I knew that growing my friendships with such women would be fulfilling, especially since I got to know who of my friends were supportive and who were not as I began exploring my musical passions. I felt hurt and confused at first, but my encouraging friends reassured me that this was like the Universe making space in my life for my next world of friends who want me to be my authentic self (like they do in their own journeys). I am so thankful for these friends, these women, who are on their own journey of abundance and not scarcity. When we can do our work to heal our wounds, we can see others as other souls on a path of dream fulfillment, and we are all here on this planet to positively cheer each other on, not to be threatened or resentful of them. I am not saying I know that these were reasons why certain people left my life... some other friends told me this could be a possibility. I just wish true healing for every human being on the planet.

That same desire pulses through and through Cashavelly Morrison's work. This is a woman who is a monument of female power and communal healing! It was like the Universe answered my wishes as I searched for musical/artistic/feminine spiritual-seekers who want women to succeed. As I dug even deeper into Cashavelly's social media platforms, I grew even closer to her and her mission. One program she leads is called Soulbirthing, and I joined right away...

Soulbirthing is a lab for women to experiment with our innate power, authenticity, and creative expression. We practice clearing the blocks within us to become an open channel for our connection to the unseen mystery, seeing all that we imagine is meant to be birthed into the world.

I reached out to her immediately and joined this group. I also saw that she organizes a monthly gathering called The Songbird Supper Club in my hometown!!! I couldn't believe it! I started talking with her, and she invited me to perform three songs followed by an incredible interview. I am still reeling from this experience I had in March 2023, and I am beyond grateful. Above is a video clip of the time we had together in front of a sweet, intimate Winston-Salem audience. My amazing friends Brandon and Sarah Rose came to accompany me and support me... another set of friends I connect with so well. To them as well, beyond thankful.

I am so excited to continue my musical journey with Cashavelly as a fellow soul-sister, and I encourage all of you to check out all of these programs on her amazing website at The Center for Female Sovereignty.