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Kristine Moon

Unstoppable Garden

Kristine Moon Unstoppable Garden

"Unstoppable Garden"

I can be quite the hopeless romantic. As a teenager, I came close to being clinically obsessed with the 1968 Franco Zeffirelli's film adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. I know that it doesn't resonate with everyone and reality doesn't reflect such fatal arcs in young people's first love experiences. However, as a 14-year-old, it rang true with me, and has since imprinted in my mind-body-spirit an operating system if you will of how romantic love should be. My husband tempers my rhapsodic releases of rapturous passion I engulf him in with humor and unconditional love.

(I know that there is a current lawsuit alleging child abuse around the nude scenes of this film, and so I hope justice is reached.)

Through my music I can traverse this deep romantic galaxy I have within me, and I hope that you feel a bit of it in my latest song "Unstoppable Garden." Another romantic tale made me rather unwell with how obsessed I became with it, and that took the form of the episodic Netflix show "Bridgerton." Starring 2 dark-skinned South Asian women set in a Regency period English story... this hit my sweet spot as a Filipina-American Anglophile viewer (I can recite swaths of the aforementioned R&J, Pride & Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, and more). So, this show sent me spinning, and this song helped me create what I was feeling. I hope you enjoy and perhaps it can add something to your Valentine's Day if that is a thing for you... or for whenever you'd like a little lilt in your eyes and voice towards your special person.

"Unstoppable Garden"

V.1: Unstoppable firefly
Unleashed from the night sky
Excruciating tenderness
Trembling ears of mine

Pre-chorus 1: Radical, delicate, trust

Chorus: Breathe my echinacea
Drink my honey
Garden clover, for you
On me, all over... yeah...

V.2: Always inviting
Your look, piercing
From the edge of the street
Lantern-lit skin

Pre-chorus 2: Forgiveness
Force trespass
In your dance

Sing Chorus 2x to Outro