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Kristine Moon


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Hello there folks,

Thank you for your interest in this song!

I wrote this after experiencing the darkness that can come with motherhood, within my own life and within the lives of my friends and family. I wanted to write a song that brings some awareness around maternal mental health, especially new moms with young children. So ladies, don’t worry, it all gets better, and seek support and help around your pregnancy and beyond… I love you! Also for all of you living with mental health mountains to climb, I am here with you, you are not alone and you will make it through to the light!!! The lark is a bird who sings when going into flight at daybreak… that is you too, my loves.

High five my hearts,

Kristine Moon

Lark by Kristine Moon

I was drowning in the darkness, now I am a lark

With a message for you, through, you… Come here to me

I am ready to break these gates, on a motorcycle chase

Lone tree, say “Cheese!”… and naked man, stand up, and be, with me, be… a useful memory

I walked into the vacuum, of my mind in the grip of doom

Sailing into the clouds, my pinky snatched the fabric of day, just in time, mine, time… I made it out this time… time, I made it out this time!

They’ve torn me many times, the wolves of the night

Orange and blue skies, bruised eyes, yesterday is far away, far away, far away!

I was drowning in the darkness, now I am a lark

With a message for you, come through, you… Come back to me!

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