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Interview with Nicki Kris of Sisters In Music

Kristine Moon interview on Sisters In Music

It is really nice being able to write a blog again, as it has been a while. It is also so nice to know that certain people exist. Nicki Kris, a singer-songwriter based in Raleigh, N.C. In addition to being a fantastic musician, created a great podcast called Sisters in Music which "promotes and encourages collaborative musical works, performances, and educational opportunities among women in the music and entertainment industries." It is an amazing podcast and mission, and I am proud to be a small part of this growing community. Nicki interviewed me, and I am so grateful. As a woman basically still in the incipient phases of my musical journey, it is such a privilege to have a sisterhood of musical mentors to tap into, and I will definitely pay it forward when I am able. So please check it out on May 9th at 8pm ET/5pm PT! I am so excited to share it with you, and more interviews in the future!


Kristine Moon 10-27-2021 blog post graphic

Do you ever get swept away with a romance novel? Maybe you are all not hopeless romantics like me. André Aciman wrote a novel in 2008 entitled Call Me By Your Name about two young American men falling in love in Italy one summer in the 1980s. Their days were “numbered” because of the discriminatory nature of society. I have read the follow-up novel Aciman wrote recently, Find Me, and that is why I ended the song the way I did…

Ever since high school, I have obsessed over romance stories (with a tragedy-bent). I watched the 1968 Franco Zeffirelli’s film adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and began a year or two of watching it at least once a week. I read the play, and I performed both roles when I was on the Forensics Drama and Debate team. Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting gave a superb performance, the best I have ever seen.

In Aciman’s book, the prose carried me to a place of sweet joy as well as frustrated impotence…and the result is this song. Enjoy! Also…share with me any works of art that have touched you so viscerally that it caused you to create something…thank you! And thank you André…


I wake up and know that it is all sinking

Our diamond-crusted reef… I am blinking

Fire tears through me as I feel when we first met!

I hold my breath as our sun sets

I can’t believe that I forgot to remember

That you and me, our days were numbered

I had eaten the crumbs on that path back

To myself, and I know I can’t find my way

My eyes, liquid love at our memories

As I realize the door is locked, and I have no keys

Back in the house of my soul I crawl

Your portrait is on the wall

There, I stare (2x)

Time will thicken my skinny membrane

Covering my thoughts and flesh of you, untamed

I run at top speed away to you

Only go the distance through me

Where are you?

You’re here, you’re near…

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Kristine Moon 3-21-2020 blog post graphic

Hello everyone and thank you for coming to read this blog. I truly appreciate it.

This song was simply inspired by the breathtaking images I have seen of the southwestern U.S.A. The rusty red rocky landscape of the Grand Canyon, the ancient Joshua trees, and the “milky turquoise” of the Colorado River…these made me think of the themes of beauty in rough terrains, how to find love for yourself and others during the rugged parts of your life. The Colorado River seems like such a salve flowing through that dry part of the planet, and the color of its water heals. I hope to go there one day! Have you? What experiences can you share, about this area or any place, that offered a feeling of peace and wellness for you and your spirit, when you felt like you were inside a dark cave in your mind and life?

Thank you for your input – here are the lyrics for Turquoise. Enjoy!


Verse 1

Flailing around, stubbing toes

In crazy town, blue-black crows

Crusty view, no one knows

You hold my hand, in that cave we go


Your river cuts through, making waves

My curves are soothed, echoes in my cave

Milky turquoise caresses me

Diamonds in the dark, Joshua trees


Stay close to me…my thorns can creep

Your voice dives deep…strong hands can bleed

Verse 2

Climbing slow up the crags of my

Jagged soul, scratched up thighs

Cool aloe, you apply

No more burns in green skies

Repeat Refrain


Breathe lungs, aware…send my own flare

Blood-knuckles up that rock-face…I remember the way!

The way! The way! The way! The way! (2x)

The End, thank you!

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Kristine Moon 1-6-2020 blog post graphic

Thank you for coming to this blog – I would like to introduce you to my second single called Searching. I wrote this song when I wanted to explore the feelings I can get from time to time being in a long-term relationship. We don’t learn from a book how long-term relationships should work. We all usually look at what our families’ and friends’ relationships are like, those of our partner’s as well as our own. My life-mate and I have all kinds of examples, healthy and dysfunctional, to view with a non-judgmental eye… we pull from them what we want and what we don’t. Every relationship partners make their own rules for health and happiness, and so do we.

To begin this exploration, I just did a stream-of-consciousness brainstorm of all the feelings I have at this stage in my relationship with my husband – 20 years now! I wanted to create with the soundscape of this song the flexing stages of grace and peace with confusion and longing. A longing for what we had in the past; what I long for in the future because there seems to be a growing pain happening in the present; and then the feeling of the resolve and effervescence of coming back together after traversing these mountains in our understanding of one another. We are always searching for the truth, looking at each other in confusion, anger, listlessness, and pain…but with deeply empathetic listening, we can also look with love, relief, kindness and understanding. I wanted to end the song with such resolve.

May you all experience joy and resolutions, intrigue and fun, in all the relationships you have on this planet.

Here are the lyrics for Searching for you to enjoy:

Searching by Kristine Moon

Hazy, clenching

I see you in your duties

Burning my insides

Climbing up our new building

No more abandon, but

Clasping the never-horizon

Is it the same?

Do you call my name?

I am here

I hang here

I feel hard, I feel soft

I breathe deep trying to smell you

I still need you, I still need you.

Searching for your

Fingerprints you left in me

Is it a chore?

The cinders from our chimney…

Remind me of our hearth

When your wool would wrap around me

Our windows are thick

Ice fractals can stick

I stoke it

You stoke it

We feel hard, we feel soft

We are always together

On this floor of ours

On this floor of ours.

Are you aching inside tonight?

Your eyes are open wide

We curl up by that fire

Whispers reassure me

We built that chair

We built that staircase

To climb up with our hands

We go outside

We pull our tides

In the warm, wet sand

Always shifting sandcastles from our beginning

A new moon sighs

A new moon tries

Kissing my closed eyes

Searching, finding, losing, and binding

A new moon thrives

A new moon ties.

That’s it, thank you, good people.

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Kristine Moon 4-14-2019 blog post graphic

Hello there folks,

Thank you for your interest in this song!

I wrote this after experiencing the darkness that can come with motherhood, within my own life and within the lives of my friends and family. I wanted to write a song that brings some awareness around maternal mental health, especially new moms with young children. So ladies, don’t worry, it all gets better, and seek support and help around your pregnancy and beyond… I love you! Also for all of you living with mental health mountains to climb, I am here with you, you are not alone and you will make it through to the light!!! The lark is a bird who sings when going into flight at daybreak… that is you too, my loves.

High five my hearts,

Kristine Moon

Lark by Kristine Moon

I was drowning in the darkness, now I am a lark

With a message for you, through, you… Come here to me

I am ready to break these gates, on a motorcycle chase

Lone tree, say “Cheese!”… and naked man, stand up, and be, with me, be… a useful memory

I walked into the vacuum, of my mind in the grip of doom

Sailing into the clouds, my pinky snatched the fabric of day, just in time, mine, time… I made it out this time… time, I made it out this time!

They’ve torn me many times, the wolves of the night

Orange and blue skies, bruised eyes, yesterday is far away, far away, far away!

I was drowning in the darkness, now I am a lark

With a message for you, come through, you… Come back to me!

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