Starting out…

Hello there lovelies,

It is nice to be starting this journey with you. My name is Kristine and I have been singing my whole life, but it hasn’t been until now that a muse has been visiting me full force. I am happy to listen to her, write down words from my life and life-inspired-imagination, and create songs. It is interesting to observe that the music scene may not have as many singers traversing this certain arc in life that I am in, but let me tell you…mothers and parents, they are some of the most passionate people I know!

I have three original songs coming out by summer  2018. I will be sharing my thoughts and heart-whispers about my songs with you, so I can introduce my songs to you all in paintbrushes before you meet the full painting. I hope you like them and can share them with others!

Peace to you and yours,

Kristine Moon

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I am a singer and songwriter, lover of ethereal and electronic sounds. My idols are Enya, Bjork, and Aurora...songmakers of that ilk. I believe in you and all of us to exist in this multiverse together with love and peace.